Fish Meat Siu Mai 魚肉燒賣

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A popular classic snack beloved by Hong Kong locals, the Fish Siu Mai, or "魚肉燒賣" in Chinese, is a delicacy that features fish meat as its main ingredient, encased in a thin wrapper resembling a dumpling shape. Typically, it is steamed and enjoyed by dipping in a specially made sweet soy sauce and chili oil for added flavour.

魚肉燒賣是香港人喜愛的經典小吃,是以魚肉為主要原料,包在薄薄的餃子皮里的美食。 通常,將其蒸熟並蘸上特製的甜醬油和辣椒油以增加風味。



Ingredients : 

Pastry (Wheat flour, Water, Wheat gluten, Maize starch, Stabiliser patassium carbonate E501, Pasteurised Eggs, Colouring E160a)

Fish, Starch, flour, Egg, Pork, Pepper, Salt, Sugar, Sesame oil, Fish Sauce, Ajinomoto


Allergen :

Gluten, Egg and products thereof, Fish and products thereof,  Sesame seeds and products thereof


Package : 

Regular pack - 10pcs / pkg

Family pack - 25pcs / pkg

Plastic bag freezer packaging

** Free sweet soy sauce is provided until 30th November 2023 **


Storage :

Keep Frozen 


Cooking instruction :

Remove all packages and steam for 15 minutes until thoroughly heated.