About Greedy Cat UK


We have been operating food business in Hong Kong city for a number of years. We are famous in processing popular classic snacks and food, including the Fish Siu Mai, Bao Dim, Steamed Rice, Dumplings, Fried Fish Ball, Spring Rolls, Cheung Fun, etc.


We are used to serving the local community for food lovers seeking exceptional original food flavours of popular classic snacks and food. We are delighted to re-establish and run our food business here by bringing and sharing our classic snacks and food in our community, and incorporating both our classic and modern culinary techniques while staying true to our commitment to quality and sustainability of original flavours of our snacks and food.


It is our vision to create a beloved online food stall (together with a physical food stall in future) that not only tantalizes taste buds but also enriches human lives, strengthens bonds, and supports our local community.


We mission to provide our community with a diverse and delectable culinary experience, offering fresh, classic, flavourful, and affordable snacks and food that delights the senses while promoting a sense of togetherness and cultural diversity. We are committed to sourcing local ingredients whenever feasible and fostering an atmosphere of warmth and inclusivity in our community.


We have been certified with the Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety for Catering to fully understand the importance of hygiene and safety for food processing in our community. Our food business has been registered in the local council as well.